Company performance: The impact of gender


“There is no business case for putting women on the board. There is no business case for putting men on the board. Gender has zero impact,” says Wharton management professor Katherine Klein, quoting research evidence regarding women on boards, which says that changing the gender composition of a board does nothing for company performance.

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Too much talent can hurt

New research released by business school Insead argues that ‘too-much-talent’ can be counter-productive. Insead Professor Roderick Swaab found that the addition of more superstar...

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The end of the traditional job ad?

One innovative US-company has started a ‘job ad revolution’. They no longer support the standardised ad that goes into newspapers or the often callous rejection letters that...

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The 6 most powerful words in networking

Only a few words can create an instant connection between people and can be powerful tools in networking writes Danny Rubin in an article for Business Insider.

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What to learn from young professionals

The world is not a Hollywood movie where a young upstart enters a board meeting, slouches into a chair, and tells everyone exactly what they’re doing wrong and how he’s going to...

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When is the right time for an MBA?

An MBA is a great tool to advance one’s career, take the step into executive level, change industries and/or teach business knowledge to specialists from healthcare to engineering....

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MBA admission recommendation letters

MBA consultants Fortuna Admissions (a team made of former directors and associate directors from top schools in the U.S. and Europe) has recently published a blog about MBA...

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Switzerland tops Insead’s Global Talent Competitiveness Index

Switzerland, Singapore and Denmark are the winners of the first edition of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) developed by business school Insead, based on research...

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Women directors better at mergers and acquisitions

The more women sit on a corporate board the less a company pays for its acquisitions, claims a new study by researchers at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of...

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HEC Paris and IE Business School top FT’s European ranking

HEC Paris (France) and IE Business School (Spain) are the joint winners of the 2013 Financial Times European Business School ranking. The newspaper ranked the best 75 business...

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The American companies with the best perks

Google provides free all-day gourmet meals to staffers, Costco offers full insurance benefits to part-time hourly workers, and Facebook offers employees free bicycles to get around...

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Marla Beck’s advice for newcomers

One of America’s most successful female CEOs, Marla Beck, shared some of her advice in a recent article in Huffington Post. The founder of Bluemercury, a luxury cosmetics retailer,...

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Executive Education is booming around the world

he Financial Times has published the annual ranking of the world’s best executive MBA programmes. Top of their list for open classes came the Swiss business school IMD, followed by...

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Why it is important to build diverse leadership teams

London Business School professor Lynda Gratton often shares valuable advice in her newsletter ‘Hot Spots Movement’. In her recent newsletter she recounted three companies (BP,...

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MBA Trends 2013/2014

What are the trends in MBA hiring and compensation, which are the fastest-growing sectors and which countries are hot in 2013/2014? One very good tool to find answers to these...

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Harvard tops 2013 Thinkers50 Awards

Every two years the consulting team Crainer Dearlove elects the 50 most influential business thinkers in the world. This year Harvard professor Clayton Christensen made the top...

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How important is data handling for executives?

Being able to handle data has grown in importance as a skill set in the past years. Leveraging complex data is nowadays sought after in areas such as economics and business, but...

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Leadership: stop, restart and change

“65 per cent of people are unhappy at work, only 14 per cent understand their company’s strategy and 75 per cent are seeking jobs as we speak. Now, what do you think that does for...

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Kellogg delivers the best EMBA programmes

he clear winners in the Financial Times latest ranking of Executive MBA programmes are those that are taught by more than one school in more than one location. And preferably on...

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Women in business school

In past weeks the topic women in business school received a lot of media attention. It started with an article in the New York Times that described how Harvard Business School has...


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