Company performance: The impact of gender


“There is no business case for putting women on the board. There is no business case for putting men on the board. Gender has zero impact,” says Wharton management professor Katherine Klein, quoting research evidence regarding women on boards, which says that changing the gender composition of a board does nothing for company performance.

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The CEO of the Future: female, communicative and IT-savvy

The chief executives of tomorrow will become even more powerful and lonely than is currently the case, concludes Forbes after analysing a new study on leadership by management...

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Talent is the new capital

The era of capitalism may be ending, reckons Klaus Schwab, founder of The World Economic Forum. He believes “capital is being superseded by creativity and the ability to innovate....

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New Scholarships for London Business School

The London Business School has decided to extend the existing scholarships for candidates with an interest in finance, and the military, to include awards for candidates with a...

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New Rankings by Businessweek

Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Managment made the top position after a two-year absence in Bloomberg Businessweek’s biennial ranking of the best executive MBA...

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Nation at a glance: Australia

Beaches, a relaxed lifestyle and an economy in its 22nd consecutive year of unbroken growth make Australia a sought-after work place. This is also mirrored in its MBA offering that...

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How to get rid of the glass ceiling

Women do want to break through the glass ceiling and sit on company boards and lead corporations. But to achieve this, more active support from senior executives and guidance for...

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Why women need a mentor

There are specific moments when women are particularly vulnerable to falling behind. After successfully working through entry-level and early mid-level positions, women’s...

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Business schools change their way for female MBA students

Despite the fact that many top schools have still not achieved gender equality in their courses, a lot of positive has happened for female MBS writes Fortune magazine. The US...

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The diversity benchmark: gender equality

Gender equality today plays an important part in every major company and for all events on the world stage. The G20-related International Dialogue on Women in Leadership in...

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Economist: WHU full-time MBA amongst the top 100 worldwide

The pride – and relief – was tangible when WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management sent out a press release to announce that its full-time MBA programme has once again made it under...

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FT’s MiM ranking shows degree growing fast

MiM or a Masters in Management degree is a version of an MBA for younger students. Mostly created for students who have recently completed an undergraduate degree, it aims at...

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The CEO school

Business schools teach younger as well as more senior executives, but there is no real school for CEOs. Some might argue that you can’t learn what it needs given that some highly...

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The MBA interview

An MBA interview means you’re one step away from getting a place at a business school. It means that the school liked your application and now wants to get to know you to see if...

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The Looks of a CEO

In this age of diversity the past years have seen a striking change in the distribution of power, writes the Economist. Women run some of the largest firms, such as General Motors...

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More diversity makes for better results

A report from Credit Suisse offers new evidence that a better gender mix among senior managers is linked with better results. The bank’s research arm has created a database...

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Leadership is changing

Business remains surprisingly poor at producing effective leaders, observes HR Magazine, quoting research from Hay Group that just 18 per cent of UK leaders are able to create a...

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Success: It´s the culture, stupid!

“My two cents of CEO wisdom? It’s the culture, stupid!”, writes Jost Stollmann, former CEO of Germany’s CompuNet and founder of Australia’s Tyro, a payment system company that...

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Students send more applications

"You win some, you lose some.” MBA students in the US seem to follow this popular saying. “There is a growing awareness of just how competitive B-school admissions are, and an...

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Lego CEO´s seriously playful career advice

"Play is as some say ‘the mother of invention’,” Lego CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp writes on the website of IMD, the Swiss-based international business school. Knudstorp who firmly...

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Which US cities are the hotspots for which industry

Rankings, costs, alumni networks, career services and salary increase are aspects that students need to look at when choosing the business schools they want to apply to. One major...

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Even super-progressive Skandinavia has a gender gap

Of 145 big Nordic companies only 3 per cent have females as chief executives, versus 5 per cent of the U.S. Fortune 500. The view, that an abundance of policies in Sweden, Norway,...

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The effect of college loans

In Australia, tens of thousands of university students held protests as outrage spread at sharply increasing costs of higher education. In Switzerland, the European Students’ Union...

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How to catapult yourself from the MBA waitlist into the real deal

The ideal world would be for every applicant to receive at least two acceptance letters for his or her preferred business school. But reality is often harsh and being offered a...

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Business School need to teach financial wisdom

Nuno Fernandes, finance professor at Swiss business school IMD reviewed the financial knowledge of 1,000 students before they started a programme at the business school. He comes...

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Do business schools teach negotiation techniques that do not work?

Business students are taught tactics, such as how to “get to yes” and close the deal, that almost never work, says a recent article in Business Week. For example the popular tactic...

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The global workforce crisis

Significant imbalances in the demand for labour and its supply threaten 25 of the world’s major economies. Over the past few years, The Boston Consulting Group has examined...

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Who’s the world’s most innovative?

A small European country in which people speak three different languages and are surrounded by towering mountains takes out the winning crown of this year’s most innovative...

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Melbourne: Living at its best

London itself wasn’t able to win any of the top spots in this year’s ranking of the most liveable cities in the world. Instead the Empire’s former colonies of Australia, Canada and...

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What makes a great CEO

What makes a great CEO? Too often CEOs are feared by employees, too often they are not approachable and sometimes they are plainly detached from the company they are leading. There...

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Career choices: Non-traditional job offers on the rise

Traditionally high percentages of MBA graduates were seeking jobs in consulting, accounting or finance after completing their programme. A global student exit survey by the...


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