The fastest way to becoming a CEO


How to become a CEO? Attend elite MBA programmes, land high-powered jobs right out of school at prestigious firms, and climb the ladder straight to the top, carefully avoiding risky moves. That at least is the common perception. But research shows a completely different picture.

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Work habits you need to break if you want to climb the ladder

Even though you think you're a good worker, your boss might think differently. „You might have bad habits in the workplace that your boss notices more than what you're doing right....

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News | Leadership + Management

How to deal with a micro-managing boss

Is your boss a micro-manager? Is he or she someone who constantly changes your work, checks in on projects, moves things around, or is always scrutinizing your work, but it’s also...

News | Admissions

How to handle an MBA fair

Attending an MBA fair before deciding on a business school is a worthwhile effort, recommends an admission consultant. But applicants need to arm themselves with some knowledge...

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News | MBA Market

Why Standford’s MBAs earn twice as much as others

It’s harder to get into Stanford than Harvard or Wharton-Penn: The school’s admissions rate is just 5.1 per cent, compared with 9.6 per cent for Harvard and 12.7 per cent for...

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News | Adivce

Reapplying for business school

Rejection is part of life. Many MBA applicants to top-tier schools get rejected the first time they apply. Admission consultant Stacy Blackman shared valuable tips for students who...

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News | Specialized Master

The Economist ranks Masters in Management (MiM)

The Economist has ranked Masters in Management offers. Contrary to the high-profile MBA rankings some lesser known business schools are finding fame in this ranking with French and...

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News | Business Schools

New one-year MBA programme in fashion and tech at NYU Stern

New York University Stern School of Business is launching a new category of specialised MBA, optimised for MBA seekers who are firmly committed to business careers either in...

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News | MBA Market

New survey: Business Master’s doesn’t substitute for an MBA

Three in four prospective graduate business school candidates who hold a prior master’s degree are considering enrolling in MBA programmes, according to new research from the...

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News | Business Schools

Useful: New Mooc explains cultural differences for negotiations

Essec Business School has launched a new Mooc which offers a better understanding how cultural differences are likely to influence business as well as political negotiations. The...

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News | Leadership + Management

Which type of leader do you want to be?

Working with world-class chefs, Miguel Noguerol, a global executive in the technology industry, coach and consultant in Change Leadership, developed a range of leadership...

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News | Business Schools

Twine wins Wharton’s 2017 Startup Challenge

Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship announced the winner of its inaugural Startup Challenge: Twine, founded by Wharton MBA students Joseph Quan and Nikhil Srivastava (both WG’17). The...

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News | Career + Application

Job search: The dangers of LinkedIn

A recent Forbes article warned job seekers to promote the fact they are looking for a new job on their LinkedIn profile. It advises against adding phrases like "open to new...

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News | Rankings

Stanford is top for a career in finance

Stanford GSB is the leading school for MBA students striving for a career in finance, according to a new ranking by the Financial Times (FT). The US-American school took the top...

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News | Industries + Companies

MBA careers: Less banking and consulting, more fintech

More and more fintech companies are employing MBA graduates, luring employees away from the banking and consulting sector, the Financial Times (FT) reports. According to the...

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News | Business Schools

Harvard Business School’s new executive education programme

Harvard Business School (HBS) will examine HR-executive suite collaboration in a new executive education programme. The leadership development programme will analyse the role of...

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News | MBA Market

Tips for financing an MBA

An MBA is a big financial investment in anyone’s career and life. On average, MBA graduates from some of the top schools double their pre-MBA salary within three years of...

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News | MBA Market

One-year MBA could become popular in US as well

More applicants are interested in shorter MBA programmes according to data from GMAC, the organisation administering one of the entrance exams for business school education. The...

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News | MBA Market

Indian MBAs deserting the US for Canada

Donald Trump’s presidency and his impact on immigration is deterring Indian MBAs from studying and working in the US according to an article in the Financial Times (FT). Instead...

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News | Salary + Money

Would you switch jobs for a pay rise?

Are we all mercenaries? Across all industries, more than eight out of ten workers would leave if offered a 20 per cent pay rise, with as many as 94 per cent of those working in...

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News | Career + Application

Indicators of success

A study by Johnson and Johnson showed that the highest performers in the workforce were also those who displayed a higher emotional intelligence. More successful managers and...

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News | Female Careers

The right way for women to network

Closing the global gender gap could release 300 billion dollars in annual global spending by 2025. This is the outcome of a report, which the investment company BNY Mellon recently...

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News | Career + Application

Intelligent questions you could ask at the end of a job interview

The questions you ask your interviewer can make or break your chances, reports the Australian Financial Review. Every job interview is a two-way street and job candidates should be...

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News | Specialized Master

Women prefer business master to MBA

Globally business master’s programmes, such as marketing, accounting and management are dominated by women. Women, however, are still underrepresented in MBA classrooms in the...

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News | Rankings

Fresh from the press: New Online MBA and EMBA rankings are out

Spain’s IE Business School retained the top spot in the Financial Times Online MBA Ranking 2017 whilst the joint Executive MBA from Kellogg-HKUST Business School made it to the top...

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News | Career + Application

Business schools’ concerned about international student hiring

It is getting harder for international students in the US to find a job after graduation. These concerns emerged in a recent research by the MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance...

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News | Leadership + Management

Insead research: How business can deal with populist pressure

The rise of populism has changed the game for multinationals, writes Quy Huy (picture). According to the Insead Professor of Strategic Management the pendulum of power has swung...

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News | Work + Life

What successful people do on Sunday night

Veg on the sofa, eat too much pizza and be sorry for yourself – the Sunday night blues is real for three out of four people, according to a 2015 survey by job site Monster....

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News | Career + Application

Tough interview questions – and how to answer them

Do you think “where do you want to be in 5 years' time?” is a tough interview question? Well, think again. Glassdoor regularly publishes tough questions submitted by users who've...

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MBA helps to change industries

More than half of graduate business school alumni are currently employed in an industry or job function they did not work in prior to entering business school, according to a...

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News | MBA Market

Which MBA programmes have the most applicants?

U.S. News has published the ten MBA programmes with the largest applicant pools in the US.


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