Lose the resume, land the job


Contrary to us mere mortals top executive search consultants have sat through hundreds of job interviews. Therefore it is worth listening, when Gary Burnison, top headhunter and CEO at Korn Ferry, suggests how to prepare for a successful job hunt and to “Lose the Resume, Land the Job”.*

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News | International Careers

How will we work in 2030?

Megatrends such as digitization, the rise of automation, and shifting demographics are disrupting the way we work, and the way companies relate to workers.

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News | International Careers

Special report: Sustainability as the future key to success

The Swiss professor Stefan Schaltegger once founded the world’s first MBA in Sustainability Management. 15 years have passed and Schaltegger still laments that sustainability...

News | Career + Application

Alibaba has started to hire MBAs, too

Alibaba is China's Ebay, Alibaba's payment system Alipay its Paypal. Founder Jack Ma brought e-commerce to everyone. When it comes to hiring senior executives, though, his company...

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News | Leadership + Management

How to lead change

Studies picking global senior executives' brains on change management say that the success rate of transformational initiatives is not much above 50 per cent. This is worrisome...

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News | Leadership + Management

Guidance for CEOs in transition

Exceptional CEOs are 58 per cent more likely to conduct a strategic review and 48 per cent less likely to conduct an organisational redesign. That is the result of consultancy...

News | Career + Application

Microsoft is hiring big from US business schools

The US-tech company Microsoft is on a recruiting spree from business schools according to the Financial Times. In 2017, Microsoft hired about 30 per cent more MBAs than last year,...

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News | Salary + Money

Executive MBA salaries on the rise

A recent Executive MBA Council survey showed that Executive MBAs are increasingly paying off financially as well as career wise. The survey found increased compensation, new...

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News | Career + Application

UT advice: International programmes that enhance careers

The University of Texas at Austin has published advice on which international programmes will advance MBA students' career outlook. Amongst them are programmes in Australia,...

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News | MBA Market

Spotlight on the South Korean MBA

South Korea doesn’t sound like the obvious option for MBA students, but business schools see considerable interest from international students with 30 per cent of students coming...

Stanford Graduate Business School
News | MBA Market

Stanford graduates the most satisfied

Graduates from Stanford Graduate School of Business are the happiest after graduation according to a recent Forbes survey. The magazine’s analysis of alumni found that despite...

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News | Rankings

Economist ranking: US-schools dominate over European schools

The Economist is well known for rankings that come with a twist. The 2017 full time MBA ranking is no exception, with Northwestern Kellogg being the new winner and 27 schools...

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News | MBA Market

More women take up EMBA programmes

The Executive MBA Council (EMBAC) reports that almost a third of Executive MBA students are now women, a number which has increased annually over a six-year period. According to...

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News | Female Careers

Language and gender roles

Evidence suggests that word order can reinforce gender beliefs. This matters because language has the power to alter people’s viewpoints – if we choose our words with care. “His...

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News | Work + Life

How to find happiness at work

Upwards of two-thirds of us are either neutral in regards to our jobs, which means we don’t care, or we’re actively disengaged, according to figures from Gallup. Disengagement and...

News | Leadership + Management

Why leaders need solitude

CEOs and other leaders do well to get on companionable terms with solitude, according authors Raymond M. Kethledge, a U.S. Court of Appeals judge, and Michael S. Erwin, a...

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News | Rankings

FT’s Executive MBA ranking delivers some surprises

The winner was somewhat expected: The joint programme from Kellogg/HKUST has won the top spot for the Financial Times’ Executive MBA ranking for the eighth time. But a new entry...

University of Science and Technology of China
News | MBA Market

China: Strict rules damaging EMBA sector

According to rules introduced by the Chinese government less than a year ago all applicants for the Executive MBA have to sit the same entrance exam as full-time MBA students....

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News | Application

MBA applications: Shake up of requirements

MBA applications are getting even more demanding: Apart from essays, an admissions exam like the GMAT or GRE, recommendation letters and interviews, schools are looking for videos...

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News | Business Schools

NYU Stern expands its Executive MBA programme to Washington

In another show of the strength of executive programmes, New York University Stern School of Business is extending its New York City-based Executive MBA programme (EMBA) to...

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News | Business Schools

End of full-time MBA: Tippie invests in specialised and executive programmes

The University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business is phasing out its full-time MBA programme. The changes to the graduate business education programme will favour the part-time...

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News | Salary + Money

Best MBA salaries after graduation

The 2016/2017 edition of the QS TopMBA.com Jobs and Salary Trend Report shows the different salaries MBA graduates can expect in different countries around the world. The analysis...

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News | Female Careers

Columbia Business School: Why female students receive poorer grades

Female MBA students are receiving poorer grades than males in some MBA courses, reports Columbia Business School. New studies showconsistently for several recent student cohorts -...

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News | MBA Market

MBA applicants focus on the big names

Smaller, less known schools have suffered a drop in applications and are currently losing out. Larger, more popular business schools are winning the race in terms of applications...

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News | Industries + Companies

What you need to work for Goldman Sachs

Just being able to yell out “buy!” or “sell!” will not cut it at any investment bank. In fact, the evolution of trading has made skills in science, technology, engineering, and...

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News | Career + Application

The search for the new digital leaders

Almost one in five of the world’s 2,500 largest public companies have now named an executive to lead their digital agenda. This number is up from just 6 per cent from two years...

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News | Leadership + Management

How to succeed as an international manager

The more similar the host country is to the home country of a firm, the more likely it will succeed in doing business there, argues Michael A. Witt, programme director of Insead's...

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News | Leadership + Management

Why fun is a better advisor than fear

What keeps you up at night? In interviews, this question is presented to most senior leaders. Its essentially negative nature is not very helpful, though, argues Sally Helgesen, a...

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News | Career + Application

MBAs’ new ways to find jobs

MBA careers advisers have never had more technology at their fingertips than now. With several companies, usually start-ups by MBA alumni, offering their services to universities’...

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News | Career + Application

MBA Employment Survey: Wall Street is losing its popularity

Less than a fifth of MBA graduates want to work at one of the big investment banks, according to the eighth annual Training The Street MBA Employment Survey. This is a 7 per cent...

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News | MBA Market

Germany is catching up big on the MBA

Europe and particularly Germany might end up as the winners of the political unrest that is harming the reputation of the UK and the U.S. currently. Germany’s business schools have...


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