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How to catapult yourself from the MBA waitlist into the real deal

The ideal world would be for every applicant to receive at least two acceptance letters for his or ...

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Do business schools teach negotiation techniques that do not work?

Business students are taught tactics, such as how to “get to yes” and close the deal, that almost ...

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Melbourne: Living at its best

London itself wasn’t able to win any of the top spots in this year’s ranking of the most liveable ...

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What makes a great CEO

What makes a great CEO? Too often CEOs are feared by employees, too often they are not approachable ...

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Career choices: Non-traditional job offers on the rise

Traditionally high percentages of MBA graduates were seeking jobs in consulting, accounting or ...

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The end of the traditional job ad?

One innovative US-company has started a ‘job ad revolution’. They no longer support the standardised ...

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Women directors better at mergers and acquisitions

The more women sit on a corporate board the less a company pays for its acquisitions, claims a new ...

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The American companies with the best perks

Google provides free all-day gourmet meals to staffers, Costco offers full insurance benefits to ...

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Marla Beck’s advice for newcomers

One of America’s most successful female CEOs, Marla Beck, shared some of her advice in a recent ...

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Why it is important to build diverse leadership teams

London Business School professor Lynda Gratton often shares valuable advice in her newsletter ‘Hot ...

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Harvard tops 2013 Thinkers50 Awards

Every two years the consulting team Crainer Dearlove elects the 50 most influential business ...

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How important is data handling for executives?

Being able to handle data has grown in importance as a skill set in the past years. Leveraging ...

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Women in business school

In past weeks the topic women in business school received a lot of media attention. It started with ...

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