News| Female Careers

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Women directors better at mergers and acquisitions

The more women sit on a corporate board the less a company pays for its acquisitions, claims a new ...

News| Industries + Companies

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The American companies with the best perks

Google provides free all-day gourmet meals to staffers, Costco offers full insurance benefits to ...

News| Career + Application

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Marla Beck’s advice for newcomers

One of America’s most successful female CEOs, Marla Beck, shared some of her advice in a recent ...

News| Leadership + Management

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Why it is important to build diverse leadership teams

London Business School professor Lynda Gratton often shares valuable advice in her newsletter ‘Hot ...

News| Leadership + Management

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Harvard tops 2013 Thinkers50 Awards

Every two years the consulting team Crainer Dearlove elects the 50 most influential business ...

News| Leadership + Management

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How important is data handling for executives?

Being able to handle data has grown in importance as a skill set in the past years. Leveraging ...

News| MBA Market


Women in business school

In past weeks the topic women in business school received a lot of media attention. It started with ...

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