Why soft skills make all the difference


MBA students should not only work on their career steps, academic successes and practical experience, they also need to consider how to build up a portfolio of soft skills to become a well-rounded and highly-developed executive, a blog article argues.

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How important is data handling for executives?

Being able to handle data has grown in importance as a skill set in the past years. Leveraging complex data is nowadays sought after in areas such as economics and business, but...

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Leadership: stop, restart and change

“65 per cent of people are unhappy at work, only 14 per cent understand their company’s strategy and 75 per cent are seeking jobs as we speak. Now, what do you think that does for...

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Kellogg delivers the best EMBA programmes

he clear winners in the Financial Times latest ranking of Executive MBA programmes are those that are taught by more than one school in more than one location. And preferably on...

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Women in business school

In past weeks the topic women in business school received a lot of media attention. It started with an article in the New York Times that described how Harvard Business School has...


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