Which business school is the right one?

An MBA from a renowned business school is highly regarded in the workforce and might just be the stepping stone into the C-suite. But not every business school is a good fit for every candidate. An admissions expert delivers advice how to choose wisely.

One of the main questions that business school applicants need to answer either in their essay or in their interview is why they are interested in that particular business school and why they believe the school is a good fit for them.

This should be a question easy to answer for anyone who has done their research right, and that is to truly understand how the wishes and needs of a candidate fit to what a school is offering and demands from its candidates.

It’s a good idea to:

  • shortlist individual priorities and needs
  • reflect on strengths, values, motivations and career goals
  • list future objectives and individual ambitions
  • do some very thorough homework about the schools

To assess a school the team of Fortuna Admissions, an admission consulting service, recommends to look at the following aspects:

  • program length
  • strengths and specialisations
  • network
  • prestige and recognition
  • culture and vibe
  • price tag and ROI
  • career prospects
  • location

Fortuna Admissions ranks the geographical aspect as most important: “A school’s strength, community and recruitment are strongly influenced by geography. Unsurprisingly Columbia and London Business School have strong reputations in finance. Schools in California have advantages of being submerged in the tech and startup scenes in Silicon Valley. Programs in Asia and Latin America are on the doorstep of the globe’s most dynamic, growing economies, while Europe offers entry to industries like luxury, biotech and aerospace,” the experts write.

There are also differences in terms of urban versus rural environments.“Schools such as Dartmouth Tuck in Hanover, New Hampshire, are known for their tight knit, collaborative communities. Cornell Johnson enjoys the best of both worlds with a scenic location in upstate New York that’s a short distance from a New York City tech campus,” Fortuna Admissions writes on the company’s blog.

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