Where the young and talented want to work

Talent is moving around the world faster than ever before. Countries that embrace the young and ambitious have therefore a big competitive advantage. And nations that are unable to attract this precious ressource, will face big challenges.

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That is the basic message of the Global Talent Competitive Index by Insead (GTCI 2014), created in partnership with Singapore’s Human Capital Leadership Institute and Adecco.

High income countries lead the top-scoring countries in the GTCI 2014 such as Switzerland, Singapore and Luxembourg. Rich countries have a greater ability to attract foreign talents through better universities, quality of life and higher remuneration. It is therefore no surprise that European countries continue to dominate this year’s list with 16 of them in the top 25. 

Also attractive is openness and diversity. Due to their small size, Switzerland, Singapore and Luxembourg have no choice but to be open economies.  Other countries which have realised that an attractive talent pool encourages multinational corporations to invest within their borders include the Nordic countries which are all in the top.

It has been clear for some decades that globalisation combined with technological change will affect the economic and talent landscapes of the future, but this appears to be happening much faster than anticipated”, report the researchers from Insead. 

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Barbara Bierach

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