What’s behind a good resume

A resume counts for about ten per cent when searching for a new job according to an expert. Targeting opportunities and networking are often more important. A resume combined with a LinkedIn profile can, however, generate real enthusiasm. But how to do it right?


A secret to a successful resume is taking a living document approach to it according to an article in Forbes. The author, Gary Burnison, CEO of Korn Ferry and author of ‘Lose the Resume, Land the Job’, recommends treating the resume as a real-time document that you constantly update with expanded roles or new accomplishments. As the expert recommends:

·         “Did you finish the past year twelve per cent above plan? Update your resume with that fact.”

·         “In the new year, have you been assigned to a team launching a new marketing campaign to expand from B2B to B2C? Capture that in a few sentences in your resume.”

·         LinkedIn updates are another important step in keeping information about yourself up to date.

“The fact is, the resume has lost a lot of its weight over the years to the LinkedIn profile,” Burnison states as recruiters and hiring managers will use this as a first point of contact to get to know new candidates. This also means that it is important to have no significant differences between the resume and the LinkedIn profile as this could raise some major red flags.

The author also has some easy to follow advice on how to build the perfect resume:

·         Keep it concise

·         Focus on accomplishments

 ·        Leave room for white space to make it attractive to the eye


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