Useful: New Mooc explains cultural differences for negotiations

Essec Business School has launched a new Mooc which offers a better understanding how cultural differences are likely to influence business as well as political negotiations. The Mooc is available on the Coursera platform. 

Picture: Essec Business School

International and Cross-Cultural Negotiation” is an intermediate level course for anyone who wishes to develop a better cross-cultural understanding and to enhance their dialogue and negotiation capabilities. The objective is to support understanding of different cultures and avoiding simplifications, clichés and stereotypes.

The Mooc provides a concrete look at different national and regional negotiation styles (i.e. French, Chinese, North American and Middle Eastern) and examines negotiations in two multicultural settings (the European Union institutions and the COP 21 climate conference in Paris).

Through four modules, the course will take participants on a learning journey which will enable them to apply concepts and skills to concrete situations and will provide them with a better overall awareness of their own cultures.

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