U.S.: The online MBA programmes with the most international students

U.S. universities’ good reputation has led to an increased international student body.  As U.S. News data shows, a high percentage of online MBA students came from countries abroad in the past year without ever setting foot into the country. They logged into their university programmes from abroad, studying alongside their American class mates.

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Management, business and marketing turned out to be the most popular subjects for these international students, according to a 2014 report from the Brookings Institution, a non-profit research organization.
In regards to the MBA degree, U.S. News surveyed 152 ranked institutions that submitted data to the paper’s annual survey. Madonna University in Michigan turned out to be leading the ranks with 100 per cent of students in its online MBA programme coming from outside the U.S. during the 2013-2014 school year. These amounted to 54 students, whereas other schools had much higher numbers for their enrolments, but less international students.

After Madonna University there was a big drop in percentage with Andrews University, hosting 37.5 per cent of international students, University of Bridgeport 26.7 per cent and Lynn University in Florida offering 24.4 per cent of its online places to international students. As the only west coast school, the City University of Seattle, counted 231 international students – or 19.4 percent of the total number of online MBA candidates.

Interestingly, the programmes with the higher percentages did not necessarily correspond with a high ranking position overall. Madonna University as well as the University of Bridgeport had an overall score that put them in the bottom 25 per cent of U.S. News’ online MBA rankings. The only top ranking institutions Carnegie Mellon University (rank 7) and Thunderbird School of Global Management (rank 21) had a much smaller international intake in comparison to these schools with 17.2 per cent and 16.3 per cent respectively.

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Barbara Barkhausen