The highest paying tech firms

Millennials are less attracted by old fashioned management styles and traditional industries. Therefore they love to work for innovative technology companies. With such pulling power, do the most competitive high-tech firms still have to pay top salaries to attract the best candidates? 

Pixabay, the British platform for crowd-sourced payment data, analysed global salary data from 641 entry level employees (0-3 years of experience) and 504 senior employees (10-13 years of experience). Not surprisingly, Apple, Google and Microsoft top their lists with salaries and bonuses far above average rates. Apple for instance pays its entry-level employees a total of 83,000 GBP a year, about three times more than for example Vodafone. Amazon, Apple and Google also pay bonuses which on average equal about 20 per cent of the annual pay. The top addresses in high-tech have such an aggressive pay policy for juniors that they are even “closing the gap with the financial industry”, according to