Stanford offers new Executive Education programme about data analytics

Stanford’s new Executive programme “Big Data, Strategic Decisions: Analysis to Action” aims at senior-level executives to use data analytics to improve decisions and gain a competitive advantage. 


Stanford Graduate School of Business has launched a new executive education course: Big Data, Strategic Decisions: Analysis to Action. Tailored for senior-level executives, the course provides participants the framework, tools, and confidence to ask the right questions, interpret analysis, and use both to transform data into strategic decisions. The five-day course will be held Aug. 5-10, 2018, on the Stanford campus.

According to analyst firm IDC, the number of connected Internet of Things devices will reach 80 billion by 2025, creating 180 zettabytes (or 180 trillion gigabytes) of data. It's becoming increasingly necessary for business leaders to know how to use data to drive growth, support decision making, and increase value to customers.

The new course takes a practical approach to data analytics and will include collaboration among Stanford faculty, economists, data scientists, futurists, and Silicon Valley leaders to provide participants with an understanding of:

  • Design thinking and agile methodologies for big data

  • Machine learning in action

  • Using data to make better marketing decisions

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