Salary benchmarking: What people earn in which field

Business Insider UK took data from salary benchmarking site, which analysed the salaries of 52,000 workers across 20 different job areas in Great Britain, pulling out the highest earners in each profession. Understandably, bankers and other financial service workers were right at the top of the tree, but surprisingly mining and energy workers came in third place. Here are the highest salaries, which are all inclusive of bonuses: 

Picture: krissikunterbunt / fotolia

1. Financial services - £290,000

2. Insurance - £153,000

3. Energy, mining, chemicals, and environmental - £143,000

4. Law - £136,000

5. Recruitment and executive search - £124,000

6. Technology and telecoms - £120,000

7. Consulting and professional services - £118,000

8. Manufacturing - £115,000

9. Apps, web, and eCommerce - £113,000

10. Pharmaceuticals and biotech - £110,000

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Barbara Bierach

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