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Rejection is part of life. Many MBA applicants to top-tier schools get rejected the first time they apply. Admission consultant Stacy Blackman shared valuable tips for students who have been rejected by business schools and want to reapply a second or third time in a recent article.

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“Rejection from business school doesn't have to mean the end of your MBA aspirations,” writes Blackman. In a recent article for US News the seasoned admission consultant had some words of consolation and tips for students who want to reapply. “Every year, rejected applicants reapply to MBA programmes, and many of them get accepted the second time.”

Blackman recommends to think of the entire MBA application process as a learning experience in and of itself. Her tips after a rejection are:

1. Ask for feedback from the school: talk to the admissions office, obtain any information on your application that you can get and use this brief conversation to let the office know you plan to use the feedback to reapply next year.

2. Identify the areas you need to change or improve. Go through each section of your application: Do you need to improve your quantitative skills by taking additional classes in financial accounting, statistics and microeconomics, do you need to re-sit the GMAT exam to get a better score; do you need more leadership experience or community service etc.?

3. Demonstrate these renewed efforts in your new application.

4. Don’t reapply at the same school more than twice. After the second rejection, it’s time to move on and find a different school. ‘Considering other schools is one way to avoid a dead end,” writes Blackman. And: programmes in the top 20 or beyond may help you achieve your professional goals just as well.

5. Prepare even better for your interview and take a risk in the essay. Discuss topics you haven't shared in your application and arm yourself with insightful questions that show you've thoroughly researched the programme and really want to attend. In the essay, don’t play too safe and mould yourself into the perfect MBA candidate.

6. When you reapply, submit your applications no later than round one.

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