Ranking GMAT prep courses

The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, is the major entrance exam that opens doors to the top business schools worldwide. But to actually achieve a high result, prospective students need to prepare well. There are a variety of prep courses on the market and finally, there is a ranking of these courses available.


MBA Insights has ranked the ten best GMAT prep courses with the help of 1,100 students who were tasked to review and rate the test prep company they used to study for the GMAT.

Target Test Prep won the rankings followed by EMPOWERgmat.com and Manhattan Review which were all lauded for a strong GMAT prep at decent prices. Target Test Prep’s special offer is a one dollar introduction to their services for a period of 5 days. One student praised how “super clear and easy to use” the modules were. The surprising losers were the Economist GMAT Tutor and Kaplan Test Prep.

The whole ranking can be found on mbainsight.com