New one-year MBA programme in fashion and tech at NYU Stern

New York University Stern School of Business is launching a new category of specialised MBA, optimised for MBA seekers who are firmly committed to business careers either in technology or in fashion and luxury. Stern’s new Tech MBA and Fashion & Luxury MBA will enable students to build applicable knowledge, gain relevant real-world experience and earn their MBA in one year.

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The Fashion & Luxury programme structure consists of four components: a business core; a technology or fashion and luxury core; real-world experiential learning projects with organisations in the respective specialty areas; and electives.

The Tech MBA is designed for business candidates with strong technology backgrounds. The programme will prepare students to advance their careers in Product Management, FinTech and Tech Entrepreneurship across various industries. The programme’s tech core was designed in partnership with NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences; NYU Stern is itself home to one of the largest faculty of computer and data scientists among business schools and will bring all these strengths to bear in the Tech MBA. Stern developed these programmes through extensive conversations and in conjunction with industry advisors, including business leaders from Amazon, BuzzFeed, Citigroup and General Catalyst for example. The inaugural classes for the Tech MBA and Fashion & Luxury MBA will enrol at Stern in May 2018.

Given Stern’s proximity to multinational brands, start-ups and non-profits, the school can offer experiential learning projects to its MBA students. The Stern approach matches students with faculty to help an organisation solve a real business challenge in real time. Stern MBAs have engaged with companies ranging from Diane Von Furstenberg to MasterCard to HBO and more, with student participation in projects growing by more than 130 per cent in the past two years alone.

“Because we sit in the heart of the business ecosystem that is New York City, with global headquarters and new economy upstarts just outside our doors, we are in constant conversation with industry about developing future talent," said Peter Henry, Dean, NYU Stern. "This dialogue drives continuous innovation at Stern, such as establishing the first FinTech MBA specialisation at a business school last year to creating new specialised MBA programmes now, so we stay as relevant to the new economy as we are to Wall Street."

Stern is the first U.S. business school to offer a Fashion & Luxury MBA. Over the past several years, the fashion and luxury industries have increasingly acknowledged the competitive advantage of adding business-educated talent to their creative ranks especially in the face of technological disruption. This programme is designed for students with a commitment to management roles throughout these sectors – accessories, apparel, beauty, jewellery, high-end automotive, fine wines and spirits, real estate, wearable tech and more. They will also have access to the Stern Fashion Lab, a new central hub being established for industry-related projects and networking for all Stern students.

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Barbara Barkhausen