New offer in Germany: MBA in Global Business

A new German business school degree wants to develop leaders who have both management expertise and international experience. The MBA in Global Business is therefore taught in English and includes time spent in the US.


The MBA in Global Business is a cooperation between the Akademie Würth Business School and the SRH Fernhochschule. It is not only taught in English but also incorporates a stint in the US. Executives can apply until March 2019. "The English-language Global MBA is aimed at junior executives of all sectors and areas with the desire for an international economic orientation and international networks, enriched by international experience in the US,” said Prof. Kirsten Hermann, Programme Director at SRH Fernhochschule.

The focus of the study is on practice-oriented case studies as well as general management questions. During the two 4.5-week stay in the US, students will learn the basics of all relevant business disciplines and gain international experience both on the professional and academic sides. During the study phases in Germany topics such as Design Thinking & Management, Marketing & Distribution Management as well as Strategic Management and Managerial Finance are taught. All seminars are held in English.