MBA pays off in four years

GMAC’s Year-End Poll of Employers reveals solid 2015 hiring numbers for recent b-school graduates. The survey of the organisation which administers the GMAT entrance test to business schools, also found that the outlook for 2016 is positive: Employers registered strong demand for MBA candidates for this year. 

Picture: Pixabay

179 recruiters representing 159 companies across all industries and world regions participated in GMAC’s 2015 survey. Three in four (75 per cent) employers expect to hire MBA graduates in 2016 and 85 per cent of this group plans to hire as many or more of these candidates than they did in 2015.
Salaries in 2016 are also expected to increase for business graduates. A majority of responding employers plan to raise annual starting salaries at or above the rate of inflation for new MBA hires in 2016.

Another interesting GMAC survey is the Alumni Perspectives Survey Report that shows robust alumni employment rates, high job satisfaction, and strong cumulative earnings growth 20 years after graduation. The current findings are based on responses from 14,279 graduate business school alumni who participated in the survey in October and November 2015. The survey shows that business school alumni, on average, achieve return on investment less than 4 years after earning their graduate degree.

Graduate business school alumni earn a median of 2.5 million dollars in cumulative base salary over 20 years after graduation. 9 in 10 alumni were employed at the time of the survey; 46 per cent worked in mid-level jobs, 31 per cent held senior-level positions, 18 per cent worked at the executive level, and 3 per cent worked in the C-suite.

95 per cent of alumni rated their degree as an outstanding or excellent value and the majority found their education to be rewarding personally, professionally, and financially.

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