MBA job market remains healthy

Both on-campus recruiting opportunities as well as full-time job postings have increased for most business schools worldwide. This is the finding of the latest research by the MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance (MBA CSEA).

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MBA CSEA brings together business school career services professionals and employers for networking. In the association's survey a majority of schools reported an increase in on-campus activity for full-time positions compared with the same time period last spring, indicating continued growth in the job market.

The survey findings show that 55 per cent of respondents report an increase in on-campus recruiting for full-time jobs, while 70 per cent of respondents report an increase in full-time job postings. These figures represent a slight increase from the previous year's survey (48 and 68 per cents respectively).

"We are pleased to see that MBA hiring continues to strengthen as the economic recovery progresses," says Damian Zikakis, newly elected President of MBA CSEA. "More than half of the 80 survey respondents reported an increase in on-campus recruiting. And seven out of ten programs reported an increase in job postings, as well."

For the second year in a row, the strongest increase by industry was seen in the technology industry, with energy also showing strong activity. Financial services saw the largest increase compared to the previous year. The largest decrease was seen in manufacturing, with government following close behind.

Overall, schools are optimistic about internship hiring, with 58 per cent of respondents seeing an increase in on-campus recruiting for internships and 72 per cent seeing an increase in job postings.

Barbara Barkhausen

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