MBA-job market in good shape for 2015

What turned out to be a strong job market for business school and management degree graduates in 2014, is projected to continue into 2015, according to GMAC’s Year-End Poll of Employers. GMAC or the Graduate Management Admission Council administers one of the entry exams for business schools.

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The outlook for 2015 graduates remains positive as nine out of ten employers plan on hiring business school graduates. The surveyed employers also expect to maintain or increase the number of job openings for these hires compared with 2014. The attitude towards MBA students also holds steady as the study showed that 96 per cent of employers worldwide agreed that graduate business school hires created value for their companies.  

The poll was conducted in late 2014 and surveyed 169 employers in 33 countries. It looked at the job market for MBA, master of management, accounting, finance, and other specialized business master degree-holders.

“Our data show that even in the depths of the recession, business and management degrees can provide a measure of job protection and opportunity,” said Rebecca Estrada Worthington, GMAC’s Survey Research Manager.

“Today, in a recovering global economy, management degrees can be a powerful driver of confidence and provide fuel for an individual’s career growth.” 

The greatest hiring demand for b-school talent remains recent MBA graduates, while the largest increase in hiring demand is projected to be for Master in Management talent, as reflected in the eleven percentage point increase in firms who hired this category of graduates in 2014. 

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Barbara Barkhausen

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