MBA and a master's in finance in comparison

There is some debate about the value of an MBA in comparison to a master's in finance and it is fair to say that there is little consensus in what might be the better degree option to land a job in the financial services sector. 

Pixabay has analysed the most recent employment reports from London Business School and MIT, two well-known and highly regarded universities that offer MBA programmes as well as master in finance degrees. Overall it is safe to say that in terms of spending an MBA is the more exclusive and therefore more expensive option. Therefore, the financial outcome is potentially more substantial as well.

Other differences that pointed out for the programmes were:

·         Average years of full-time work experience:
          MFin programme: 17.4 months
          MBA programmes: five years


·         Length of programme:
          MFin programme: 10 to 12 months
          MBA programmes: 21 months


·         Financial investment
          MFin programme: 61k to 78k dollars
          MBA: 107k to 147k dollars

·         Employability (received a job offer within three months of graduation):
          MFin programme: 97 %
          MBA: 94 – 99 %


·         Financial payoff:
          MFin programme: $87k to $95k
          MBA: average first-year salary $107k to $125k, plus a signing bonus

This shows how difficult it is to compare the two degrees with each other. To make an informed decision, applicants should look at several factors, but the main ones should be:

·         What can I afford without putting myself in a dire financial situation?

·         Where am I exactly on my career ladder?

·         What makes sense at this particular moment in time?