Levelling the playing field for women: new research

After our special on women executives last month we have found brand-new research that shows how to level the playing field for women in executive positions. It sounds astonishingly easy:

Picture: Konstantin Gastmann / pixelio

Bias against selecting women for elected or executive positions can be overcome by ensuring a 50/50 gender split in the selection pool, according to new international research commissioned by the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney.

The research, conducted by academics at the University of Sydney, Harvard University and Erasmus University in the Netherlands, found that providing decision-makers with an equal number of women and men to choose from led to significantly more female candidates being selected.

Study lead Dr Danielle Merrett from the United States Studies Centre said that the findings could be applied to increase female representation in leadership roles in business as well as at the ballot box.

"This preliminary research shows that when provided with an equal choice between men and women, we are much more likely to select on merit and ignore any pre-existing selection bias against women," she said.

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Barbara Barkhausen