Insead research: Why a global cosmopolitan mindset is a gift

Those who live global lives develop a psyche that enables them to tackle complex challenges, writes Linda Brimm, Insead Emeritus Professor of Organisational Behaviour. A growing number of researchers and leaders describe such a global mindset now as an essential aspect of successful leadership.

These people whom we call Global Cosmopolitans or “citizen of the world” are people who are comfortable working and living in different countries, speaking different languages and dealing with different cultures. According to Insead Emeritus Professor Linda Brimm these people have distinct advantages. “Each of their stories is different, but what binds them together is a mindset that helps them approach the complexity they face,” she writes.

According to Brimm a global cosmopolitan mindset is made up of three parts: a growth mindset, a global mindset and a creative mindset. One of the main advantages of these global cosmopolitans is that they are good at learning from life experiences, another that they remain flexible and creative, open to change and to continuous learning.

They view their lives as an opportunity to learn and grow, which helps them substantially in new situations where they have to deal with the complications of difference, writes the Insead Professor.

As an example Brimm cites a British-Indian business woman. She simultaneously lived  in both cultures which gave her constant exposure to differences in both places but also roots in each one. Now an entrepreneur, she says she is never short of new business ideas that could have global implications.



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