Indian school combines Executive MBA with immersion programme in Germany

The young Indian Woxsen School of Business wants to accelerate the transformation from corporate professionals into managers with the help of an immersion programme in Germany. For this programme Woxsen School of Business’ Executive MBA has partnered with Mannheim Business School in Germany.


Woxsen School of Business is a newcomer in the business school world. It was only established in 2013 and commands a large campus in Hyderabad that spreads over 200 acres. The school has had a bold vision from the beginning: Its founder Veen Pula wants to “create the largest family of game changers worldwide that come together at any stage, be it the first day or several decades hence.”

One concept that the school currently promotes is the combination of a one-year Executive MBA course with an international immersion programme which can be seen as a curriculum addendum to accelerate the transformation of corporate professionals into managers and/or entrepreneurs.

Immersion programmes – in this case conducted with the Mannheim Business School in Germany – are in general viewed as an academic opportunity for students as they visit new places, interact with people, understand their perspective of the country’s market, study and participate in new business ecosystems as well as develop an innate understanding of the global business scenario. These programmes can act as a catalyst – not only supporting participants to understand the current industry but also for tackling dynamic challenges of the industry. A participant’s skillset, knowledge, and analytical ability will also benefit and help shape the student into a global business leader.

Woxsen School of Business is of course not the only business school offering immersion programmes. Spanish business school Instituto de Empresa (IE) combines its 15-month Executive MBA with 2 international experiences – the Global Immersion Week and the Global Network Week. The Vanderbilt University’s EMBA becomes a traveling classroom in its second year with residencies in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the US and Ceibs offers modules available in 11 cities worldwide to name a few.

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