How to use LinkedIn for finding the ideal job

Applying for a job means that future employers will not only check the application itself and talk to references but will also look at the social media profile of a candidate, mainly the LinkedIn profile. Social media is thus part of the brand that MBA candidates build for themselves.


According to Chris Reed, founder and CEO of Black Marketing, social media is where many MBA graduates could potentially let themselves down as he recently told CNBC Make It. "People will google you and find your profile. If it's incomplete, no amount of MBA will save you in terms of how you progress."

Reed might be biased in his harsh view as he runs an advisory business independent of LinkedIn where he helps people how to use the network best to make the most of their careers. However, selling yourself well online and creating a brand will certainly not harm graduates’ chances.

His three tips how to succeed with the help of LinkedIn are:

1. Update your profile

Important aspects to remember are to:

·         use a professional photo and background image

·         regularly update education and experience

·         state clearly that you are a recent MBA graduate looking for work

·         complete the summary including information on the MBA, other education and work experience, side projects and non-profit work.

2. Get postings

This could be own achievements, publications and videos or shared content but everything must have "business context".

3. Strike the right balance

Reed suggests to avoid spamming your network, but instead using the 4-1-1 rule, which was coined by Andrew Davis, author of "Brandscaping". According to this rule you should share one piece of content that showcases your abilities, one educational content and four articles or content pieces that are beneficial or interesting for the network.

4. Connect with alumni

Connecting with the right people is the key to success and to creating career opportunities. A good starting point are alumni from the same school that you are attending or have attended.