How to change careers

On The Leadership Insider network – an online community where the most thoughtful and influential people in business contribute answers to questions about careers and leadership – Matthew Salzberg, CEO and founder of Blue Apron answers to the question:  ‘What’s your best piece of advice for someone looking to change careers?’

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'I’ve made a few career transitions over the course of my life – from private equity investor to venture capitalist and ultimately becoming an entrepreneur, as co-founder and CEO at Blue Apron. Before starting Blue Apron I had no previous CEO experience, and it hasn’t been easy growing the company to over 1,200 employees in just two and a half years. We deliver recipes and ingredients for millions of meals across the country, and making that happen at scale requires us to reinvent the way things are done every day. The ability to embrace new challenges has been critical not only for myself, but also for business. Here are a few tips I’ve found helpful along the way:

Do it at the right time
Changing careers or starting a company is a stressful experience. And I’ve always believed that you can only have chaos in one sphere of your life at a time. So, if you’re thinking about a professional transition, try to do it during a time when your personal life is stable. 

Seek out experts and mentors
When you change careers you’ll have a lot to learn – and quickly. The best way to ease this transition is to seek out people who can advise and coach you along the way with perspectives that are different than your own. 

Be humble
I’ve seen too many people coming from success in a different industry fixate on getting the perfect role, compensation, or an important title. If you can find a position at a great company, or with a great boss who will help you grow – ultimately positioning yourself for future success – jump at it and don’t sweat the details.'

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