How to boost your GMAT score

The higher the GMAT score, the better the chances of getting into your preferred business school. An article in Business Because has now explored a new way of boosting the score by focussing on “sentence correction”: The author estimates that spending even a couple of hours working on this GMAT section could easily give many a boost of 3-5 points in scaled score.

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Sentence correction is often overlooked during the study for the GMAT as particularly native speakers think this will be a walk in the park. The result is that they do not train for this section the same way as they do for others resulting in many more errors than expected.

To filter the right answer from the wrong ones in a multiple choice test, you can use a few methods that might be the decisive key for test-takers. The magazine based the following tips on a book by Rowan Hand: “Last Minute GMAT Grammar”.

To tackle as many questions correctly as possible, it is recommended to work with the so called Standard Sentence Choice Procedure:

  • Listen – imagine reading the sentences aloud to figure out what doesn’t sound right.

  • Question structure: disprove the usage of one word for example and therefore disprove any other sentence with the same one.

  • Check grammar – do seriously revise your grammar rules before the test to be able to eliminate wrong answers more easily.

  • Make an educated guess – if you still have no idea of the answer, try to remember the first one that appealed to you and go with it.

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Barbara Barkhausen

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