French business school develops ultimately flexible EMBA

Neoma Business School’s new Global Executive MBA has developed a shorter, more flexible and customizable MBA programme which will begin in October 2018. The school offers three different formats to suit the schedules of busy executives. 


France’s Neoma Business School is overhauling its MBA teaching. The Paris based school halts its full-time MBA programme to target both the MBA and the traditional EMBA markets with its novel approach for a Global Executive MBA.

This Global Executive MBA programme offers three new formats. The first option is a 15-month, on average four days per month, ‘intensive’ EMBA format; the second a 10-month, four-to-eight days per month, ‘accelerated’ format; and the third so called ‘express’ format, which allows participants to finalize 90 per cent of an Executive MBA degree in just seven months. All classes are taught in English.

This third accelerated Global EMBA programme affords participants to study full-time in July and August, before choosing one of seven partly online mini-specialization tracks over the following five months. The remaining ten per cent of the course are reserved for International Learning Experiences (ILEs).

“The market demands shorter and more flexible programmes”, Charles Waldman, academic director of MBA programmes at Neoma Business School told Business Because. “People don’t want to study for a period of two years during which their personal or professional circumstances can change.”

Waldman hopes to appeal to a younger and more internationally-diverse group of leaders, particularly young entrepreneurs who want to kick off startups. That’s why the school also decided to widen its age group. “Our current EMBA targets professionals with at least eight years of work experience; now we’ve made it at least five years”, Waldman said.