Executive MBA salaries on the rise

A recent Executive MBA Council survey showed that Executive MBAs are increasingly paying off financially as well as career wise. The survey found increased compensation, new responsibilities and substantial promotions for graduates. 

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The Executive MBA Council (EMBAC), the academic association of business schools, reported promising results for 2017 ending the year on a high note. The Council found in its 2017 EMBAC Student Exit Survey that graduates’ compensation increased by 14.2 per cent after programme completion. This continues the steady increase in students' return on investment after completing an Executive MBA (EMBA) programme. In addition, a growing number of respondents reported a promotion and new responsibilities during the programme, both raised to 41 per cent and 52 per cent, respectively.

The EMBAC Student Exit Survey results showed that graduates left the programme with development and quantifiable skills such as policy, management behaviour and leadership skills. Those who have completed a programme also reported to have gained better insight into economic factors that are impacting businesses today, as well as accounting and financial acumen.

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Barbara Barkhausen

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