Dartmouth's MBA programme is looking for nice and friendly students

There’s a new quality sought after in at least one business school and it might sound surprising for some: niceness.

Tuck School of business

Admissions officers at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business judge applications for its MBA programme not only according to marks, work experience and extracurricular activities, but also if the applicant is a “nice” person.

The sought-after business school is the first one which is actively looking for nice people. "Niceness" will be evaluated based on the essays and recommendation letters that applicants submit according to a CBS News report. Other qualities that the school values highly are being smart, accomplished and aware, qualities that are easier to judge as traditional metrics such as grades, test scores and interviews give them away.

"We are looking to see that candidates have a habit of niceness," Luke Anthony Peña, Tuck's executive director of admissions and financial aid told CBS. "It's about how they feel about contributing to the success of others. How do they interact with people in difficult and challenging circumstances."

Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business might be the first one to evaluate “niceness” but other schools also appreciate emotional intelligence in their students as Isser Gallogly, associate dean of MBA Admissions and Programme Innovation NYU Stern told the TV station. "When I think about nice, I guess I think of someone who is pleasant and agreeable," said Gallogly. "In business, there are times when you don't necessarily want to be agreeable. You have to have some difficult negotiations and conversations. It doesn't mean that you have to be hostile."

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