Darden’s executive education leadership programme gets a rehaul

Darden Executive Education has announced a number of enhancements to its flagship advanced management programme for the cohort starting in May 2020, including a refreshed, more future oriented curriculum and a new, convenient format.


The Executive Programme (TEP), a leadership course for senior executives at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, will from now on be delivered in a hybrid format. Two in-person immersion modules held at Darden School of Business in Charlottesville, Virginia, and at UVA Darden DC Metro in Arlington, Virginia, plus virtual sessions before and between the in-person modules will be provided to cover the curriculum.

According to the school, the programme benefits from the proximity of large businesses and organisations nearby. As examples, it lists experiences for recent student cohorts which included sessions with Northrop Grumman’s chairman, the president and CEO of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and visits to the Deloitte Cybersphere.

The TEP curriculum will be grouped into four categories, each building on and integrating with each other:

Executive Perspective is supposed to train leaders to fully understand the role of today’s C-Suite and demonstrate how thinking differently about everything – from strategy and competitive positioning to personal wellness and energy management – is key for optimal performance.

Enterprise and Global Perspective includes a deep dive into the functional impacts of strategy and consideration of what it takes to create forward momentum toward a shared vision within an organisation. Participants will learn the latest thinking on corporate governance and executive compensation in addition to a broader understanding of how global external forces impact an organisation’s strategy.

Innovation, Disruption and Digital Transformation enables participants to grapple with the game-changing technologies and innovations upending old markets and creating new ones. The cohort will learn how to address the demands of today while anticipating and creating the transformations of tomorrow.

Designing the Future offers opportunities for participants to interact with specialists, mentors and business leaders at the forefront of the macro trends that will affect the future. Participants will consider emerging markets, the impacts of policy and regulation and how creating the right culture and engagement strategy can result in unbeatable competitive advance.

The first in-person module will take place 31 May – 12 June 2020 at the Darden School in Charlottesville and the second module 30 November – 12 December 2020 at Darden in Charlottesville and UVA Darden DC Metro.


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