California’s University of the People offers first tuition-free MBA

California’s University of the People (UoPeople) is offering the first tuition-free MBA for 100 applicants from September onwards. The American non-profit online higher education provider in Pasadena, California was founded by business man Shai Reshef in 2009 and so far has offered degree programmes in business administration and computer science without sacrificing the quality of educaon according to its website. 

Picture: Pixabay

The new MBA online course will be open to 100 applicants. Tuition and textbooks will be free but there will be a 200 dollar end of course assessment fee for each of the 12 courses which means that the whole MBA degree will cost 2,400 dollars for the degree.

According to the Financial Times, Shai Reshef’s motivation for the tuition-free MBA was that “a bachelor’s degree is not enough and there is great demand in the job market for candidates with an MBA. The cost of an MBA today is so expensive that many people who are qualified to achieve it cannot afford it.”

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