Building teams to put data to good use

Nine out of 10 of the 400 respondents to KPMG’s latest CEO survey are concerned about competing organisations taking their business away, almost three-quarters fear that their products will lose relevance and more than half worry about new players disrupting their business model.

S. Hofschlaerger/

Despite the headache, the majority of CEOs are optimistic: 62 per cent are more confident about future growth than they were a year ago. They focus on growth using the following strategies, reports CGMA Magazine: formalised innovation processes, mergers and acquisitions, better risk management, new operating models and an increased focus on customers. Key to all their endeavours, though, is smart data analytics, and not only for customer segmentation, but also to break down information gaps between different organisational functions. To turn a company into an information-driven organisation requires not only IT systems, but also the right >people: “The next frontier is building teams of talented individuals to put new information to use“.


Barbara Bierach

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