PwC: People expect leadership from business – a challenge for CEOs

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For seven consecutive years PwC's CEO survey has monitored the expectations of the world's business leaders. Never have CEOs been so optimistic about the future of the world economy, say the authors: In the 2018 survey 57 per cent are enthusiastically bullish about the global economy and say they expect further growth.

The 2018 survey marked the greatest increase in general CEO optimism regarding overall worldwide prosperity that the authors have seen in the past seven years: “In general, business leaders’ expectations of accelerating economic growth are genuine, broad-based, and linked to global economic fundamentals.”

CEOs have reason to be optimistic, comments Strategy & Business: “Their opinions are in line with current trends as they project continued economic growth, robust revenues, and higher head count.”

Still, the public mistrust of companies is also a longtime trend, one of declining respect for all institutions, not just corporations, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer. In 21 of the surveyed countries, business is more trusted than government. In that context, when it comes to dealing with social issues and fostering overall economic growth, people around the world increasingly expect business to step up to the responsibility. Other institutions have lost their license to lead; they aren’t seen as capable of making the right things happen.

Many business leaders are expressing interest in this challenge, finds Strategy & Business. “They want to establish a reputation for probity and global leadership; they see that as a source of advantage.”



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