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Finding a new job after completing an MBA programme can be daunting, as the way you look for new opportunities becomes different. There is no campus fair and you might have exhausted contacts from internships. The new gateway are recruiters.

Firms usually find new employees at a certain level through executive recruiting (ER) agencies. That’s why ERs become the gateway to finding the second job for MBA graduates as a recent article in Forbes magazine stated.

The article explains three steps that can help job seekers prepare for a new challenge. The first recommendation is to form relationships with executive recruiters. A good number would be about five relationships with different ERs from different firms. This enables job seekers to go back to these established contacts when looking for a new job. To actually get into contact with these recruiters you can ask other graduates and friends to use your contact as a reference for their own application. MBA graduates can also directly contact recruiters and then use a friend as a connection.

“In the email, you indicate that you went to school with X and that she suggested you talk,” the author recommends commenting that the email should be quite short. “When you connect, you indicate that you aren't looking right now, but would be interested in potentially moving in the future (have your resume updated), and is there any job search they are doing that you might be able to help with.”

Three reminders when working with ERs are according to the author:

1.     Be very respectful.

2.     Always help when ERs ask for referrals.

3.     Make sure your resume is updated.

Apart from the executive recruiters the author also recommends to choose another 10+ people that MBA graduates should stay in contact with over time.




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