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North America has seen a ten per cent increase in MBA hiring. MBA salary levels also grew by 17,400 dollars to 116,300 dollars in the last year according to a report by Top MBA. These figures correspond with the findings of the QS Jobs and Salary Trends report, which anticipated an eight per cent global growth in MBA recruitment. 

MBA salary levels are particularly attractive at consulting firms. According to a survey by advisory firm Management Consulted, the average MBA salary for a business school graduate is 150,000 dollars. However, the QS report found that the financial services industry tops this by another six per cent.

The overall outlook is optimistic as well. According to the QS report recruitment in finance will grow by 7 per cent this year. But as business school experts predict, nothing will beat the technology sector. Technology is said to be the industry which will offer the highest number of jobs in the future and will continue to employ more MBAs in 2018. Business schools like ESMT for example reported, that tech and e-commerce companies like Amazon are in demand of high numbers of graduates.

This high demand in the tech sector also has follow-on effects with management consulting firms which offer digital services such as data analytics. According to the QS Jobs and Salary Trends report, the consulting industry will employ 14 per cent more MBAs in 2018. Last year already, Bain & Co hired 35 MBA graduates from London Business School alone.

The digitalization of lives is opening up career opportunities, say experts, and promise growing opportunities in areas such as fintech, artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, machine learning and cognitive analysis.


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