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New artificial intelligence (AI) tools help MBA students prepare for job interviews. The feedback tool unites proprietary analytics with expert analysis to give each student individual feedback on their verbal and oral fluency, two deciding factors during interviews.

Several American universities offer the new AI tool to increase their students’ chances during job interviews. Temple University’s Fox School of Business is the newest school to launch the feedback tool after Harvard Business School and the Austin’s Executive MBA programme at The University of Texas have implemented it as well.

The artificial intelligence tool at Fox is installed in partnership with Quantified Communications, a data and behavioral analytics firm. According to media reports, Fox’s feedback tool will combine proprietary analytics with insight from experts to provide each student with individual feedback on their verbal and oral fluency. Verbal and oral fluency are the main two factors that influence interview performance.

“MBA candidate recruiting is changing; employers are turning to AI to improve the hiring process and the AI market is expected to grow to some 47 billion by 2020,” Janis Moore Campbell, director of graduate professional development at Fox, told Business Because.

The video feedback tool analyses facial expressions of students to evaluate their communication skills and personality traits. MBA students can upload their staged interviews through their iPhone for feedback.

“These tools fight against the bias - over school rankings or even gender, for example - that traditional interviews often have. By focusing the assessment on the performance or potential, candidates that may otherwise be overlooked can rise to the top,” Moore Campbell said.

According to the expert, companies are looking for a combination of hard and soft skills. “Emotional intelligence is key to leading teams. Any leader needs those core skills of active listening, openness, and the proper verbal and non-verbal skills to lead,” she said. “[At the same time] if an employer sees SQL, or Tableau, or Power BI on a resume, it will be helpful to any student.



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