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The University of Texas at Austin has published advice on which international programmes will advance MBA students' career outlook. Amongst them are programmes in Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, Mexico, China and the UK.

According to the University of Texas (UT), more companies are looking for candidates with international experience who can lead, adapt and succeed in any situation. According to a recent study by the Institute for International Education, study abroad helps students gain intercultural and communication skills, tolerance for ambiguity, problem-solving, leadership and other skills highly desired in today’s workforce, writes the university.

“I underestimated how interested employers are in applicants with foreign work experience,” Justin Roberson, a UT Austin senior double-majoring in international relations/global studies and linguistics told the university’s International Office which provided the tips. Roberson had attended an internship in Shanghai, China. “There has not been a single interview where the conversation didn’t spend at least 20 minutes talking about what it’s like working in another country.”

UT Austin has therefore assembled a strong portfolio of over 50 international internship and research opportunities to help facilitate student experience abroad. The university recommends the following internship locations and programmes.

Querétaro, Mexico

Home to 20 of the most important industrial parks in Mexico, Querétaro is an excellent option for an international internship experience. UT for example has a partnership with Monterrey Tec in this historic city. 

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Here, UT works with the public health service-learning programme in Ho Chi Minh City which provides an intensive immersion environment for students with an interest in Asian languages and cultures.

Sydney, Australia

In Australia UT students from all majors can intern during the semester or summer at the University of Sydney, Australia’s first university known for its faculty and exceptional research facilities. 

London, UK

In London, the Arcadia London Now programme gives students the opportunity to work in a wide variety of fields while taking courses at some of London’s top universities.  

Shanghai, China

Nine of the world's 100 largest companies are headquartered in Shanghai. UT’s Shanghai internship programme offers full-time summer internships in a range of industry sectors to all majors. The programme offers weekly Mandarin language classes on top.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong has one of the most important international financial sectors in Asia with Asia's third-largest stock exchange. Foreign trade and investment make up a significant portion of Hong Kong’s GDP. UT offers full-time summer internships in Hong Kong open to all majors but especially well-suited for finance, economics, computer science, advertising, marketing, public relations and design majors.


Singapore is rated the fourth most influential city in the world. UT’s internship programme offers full-time summer internship placements to all majors, but it recommends the location particularly for business and natural sciences majors. 

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