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Should you decide yourself what you are paid?

Andrew Hill, management editor at the Financial Times, reports about Makers, a small London-based software engineering firm founded in 2012, where employees set their own...

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The highest paying tech firms

Millennials are less attracted by old fashioned management styles and traditional industries. Therefore they love to work for innovative technology companies. With such pulling...

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MBA employment survey: MBA graduates report high starting salaries

A large and growing number of MBA graduates - 46 per cent - are fielding employment offers with starting salaries of at least 125,000 US dollars per year, according to the tenth...

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The top Executive MBA programmes that cost more than 200.000 US dollars

Executive MBA programmes come at a price and some have reached a very high price tag these days as an analysis by Poets & Quants found. 

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The world’s best-paid MBA graduates

11 of the 20 business schools with the best-paid graduates are in the U.S., according to a survey from, a website for benchmarking salaries. The Sloan School of...

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Executive MBA salaries on the rise

A recent Executive MBA Council survey showed that Executive MBAs are increasingly paying off financially as well as career wise. The survey found increased compensation, new...

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Best MBA salaries after graduation

The 2016/2017 edition of the QS Jobs and Salary Trend Report shows the different salaries MBA graduates can expect in different countries around the world. The analysis...

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Salary benchmarking: What people earn in which field

Business Insider UK took data from salary benchmarking site, which analysed the salaries of 52,000 workers across 20 different job areas in Great Britain, pulling out...

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Executive Snapshot: Huge gaps in pay in the C-suite

New data reveals big differences between similar C-suite jobs. Pulling reward information from a pool of 20 million employees, a database from Korn Ferry called Executive Snapshot...

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Would you switch jobs for a pay rise?

Are we all mercenaries? Across all industries, more than eight out of ten workers would leave if offered a 20 per cent pay rise, with as many as 94 per cent of those working in...


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