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How to become a better boss

An Interview with Julian Birkinshaw

If someone is outstanding at their job, we tend to say that he or she is a born leader: Apple’s Steve Jobs was one of them. But does being a “born” leader also automatically make you a good boss? Barbara Barkhausen has spoken to Professor Birkinshaw about what it takes to become a better boss and “win the game of business”. ...

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The coming wave of digital disruption

All disruption is defined as industry-wide change, forcing a significant shift in profitability from one prevailing business model to another. The new model typically provides...

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Leadership lessons from war

War is never pleasant, but CEOs could learn a thing or two from Ukrainian military commanders, according to Sophia Opatska, vice rector for academic affairs at the Ukrainian...

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The fastest way to becoming a CEO

How to become a CEO? Attend elite MBA programmes, land high-powered jobs right out of school at prestigious firms, and climb the ladder straight to the top, carefully avoiding...

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Business school tries to spruce up family businesses

Family-owned businesses often face special challenges. Their team leaders are often related to each other and private issues play into professional ones. One business school offers...

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Leadership guidelines for the digital age

The old ways of running a company won’t cut it in a digital world, wrote Liri Andersson, Insead Guest Lecturer, founder of this fluid world, and Ludo Van der Heyden, Chaired...

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Leadership trends to look out for in 2018

No one has a fool-proof crystal ball, but some of London Business School’s finest minds are looking ahead to 2018 and sharing their ideas. Here is what they have to say in regards...

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How to lead change

Studies picking global senior executives' brains on change management say that the success rate of transformational initiatives is not much above 50 per cent. This is worrisome...

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Success – and how to deal with it

It takes a lot of hard work to become an effective leader. Business Insider runs the podcast “Success! How I did it” with input from current and former leaders. Now, the online...

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Guidance for CEOs in transition

Exceptional CEOs are 58 per cent more likely to conduct a strategic review and 48 per cent less likely to conduct an organisational redesign. That is the result of consultancy...

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How to find happiness at work

Upwards of two-thirds of us are either neutral in regards to our jobs, which means we don’t care, or we’re actively disengaged, according to figures from Gallup. Disengagement and...


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