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Interview with Karsten Knorr

What will the future of work look like? Scientists and business school professors alike have been exploring this question for decades. Most agree that it will be more global, flexible and independent than our current work places. And some have embraced this future notion already: These so called digital nomads share co-working spaces across the world working from Thailand one month and from Italy the next. One take on this is the "Coboat", a sailing catamaran that can accommodate up to 20 people and will circumnavigate the globe from November onwards. ...


Luxury brands looking towards large multinational companies for top managers

Interview: Paola Cillo SDA Bocconi

In luxury brand management, experiences are everything. This starts with luxurious shops and attentive sales assistants, involves personalized products and visual icons and leads to creating an exclusive circle of clients that draws customers like moths to the light....

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Forget about robots – a talent shortage will cost us billions

The story has been in all the media: “Robots are going to take your job!” A new Korn Ferry study begs to differ: the biggest issue isn’t that robots are taking all – the jobs –...

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How to transition between careers

Most people are changing careers several times in their life time. But what makes a successful transition between jobs? Coaches say the four “E”s for success are explore,...

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Job search after the first MBA job

Finding a new job after completing an MBA programme can be daunting, as the way you look for new opportunities becomes different. There is no campus fair and you might have...

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Using MBA career services and business networking wisely

As with most aspects of life, solid preparation is the key to success. Business schools offer students interview coaching, business networking workshops, company meetings and...

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The Labour Market in 2030

By the end of the 2020s, automation may eliminate 20 to 25 per cent of current jobs, hitting middle- to low-income workers the hardest, according to a study by international...

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Switzerland is the most talent competitive country – again

Switzerland has been crowned the most talent competitive country in the world in this year’s Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI). It trumps due to cognitive diversity....

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Artificial intelligence tools give MBA students interview feedback

New artificial intelligence (AI) tools help MBA students prepare for job interviews. The feedback tool unites proprietary analytics with expert analysis to give each student...

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Alibaba has started to hire MBAs, too

Alibaba is China's Ebay, Alibaba's payment system Alipay its Paypal. Founder Jack Ma brought e-commerce to everyone. When it comes to hiring senior executives, though, his company...

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Microsoft is hiring big from US business schools

The US-tech company Microsoft is on a recruiting spree from business schools according to the Financial Times. In 2017, Microsoft hired about 30 per cent more MBAs than last year,...

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UT advice: International programmes that enhance careers

The University of Texas at Austin has published advice on which international programmes will advance MBA students' career outlook. Amongst them are programmes in Australia,...


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