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How can online MBAs work in practice?

An Interview with Prof. Ignacio Gafo of IE Business School and Alumni Matthew Turner

Online MBAs have come of age in recent years. IE Business School in Spain has established itself as a leader in the field over recent year. In this year’s ranking of online MBA programmes by the Financial Times, the school achieved the highest ranking worldwide. According to FT, IE Business School’s “Global MBA Blended” programme took the top spot for the international mobility of its participants and their international diversity. Its programme came in third place for both the average salary of its alumni three years after graduation ($136,000) and the salary increase since graduation (42 per cent)...


MOOCs – a threat to full-time MBA programmes?

Interview with Christian Terwiesch

Prior to the 21st century, education was predominantly delivered via live performances. Internet communication fundamentally altered the way business schools, schools and universities worldwide teach their students. The emergence of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for example has opened up business education to a broad audience that might otherwise not be able to afford it. Business schools have graciously shared their knowledge. ...


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Top MBA programmes respond to demand for cryptocurrency courses

Student demand is growing for blockchain and crypto classes and leading business schools are responding to that demand: Stanford, Wharton and Georgetown are adding classes in...

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The highest paying MBA jobs

North America has seen a ten per cent increase in MBA hiring. MBA salary levels also grew by 17,400 dollars to 116,300 dollars in the last year according to a report by Top MBA....

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Artificial Intelligence and the traditional MBA

Particularly in the U.S. business schools are developing their MBA curricula to include a deeper understanding of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in particular.

Michigan’s Ross
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The future of MBA education

Scott DeRue, the dean of University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, claims the old model of business school education is gone. It’s no longer good enough to sequester...

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FT’s global MBA ranking 2018 – an analysis

Asian business schools are gaining more and more importance. And ten years after the world financial crisis two-year programmes are getting more attention than ever. These are some...

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Artificial intelligence tools give MBA students interview feedback

New artificial intelligence (AI) tools help MBA students prepare for job interviews. The feedback tool unites proprietary analytics with expert analysis to give each student...

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What makes a business school attractive to women?

Gender balance in business schools is steadily improving, but we are still not looking at an equal playing ground for women. The Financial Times has analysed the reasons behind...

Myleen Hollero / Wikimedia Foundation
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Advice on how to get the most out of an MBA programme

What advice do MBA graduates from top business schools have for prospective MBA students? This question was asked on the knowledge platform Quora and even made it into a Forbes...

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Executive MBA versus MBA

At a certain age and with a certain experience and position, an Executive MBA is an option to develop a career further as is the traditional MBA. The London School of Business &...

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Alibaba has started to hire MBAs, too

Alibaba is China's Ebay, Alibaba's payment system Alipay its Paypal. Founder Jack Ma brought e-commerce to everyone. When it comes to hiring senior executives, though, his company...


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