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IMD’s executive education: The Swiss alternative

Interview: Ralf Boschek

The Swiss-based business school IMD has been one of the top providers of executive education worldwide for a number of years. In the 2014 Financial Times’ ranking IMD ranked number one for the third consecutive year of open enrolment programmes. IMD is what we’d call boutique with only 90 places for their standard one-year MBA programme and has developed a unique approach in their executive education as a conversation with Prof. Ralf Boscheck, IMD’s MBA Programme Director, shows. ...


Understanding the “Savoir Faire”

Interview with Professor Simon Nyeck

In our series on Luxury Brand Management we have spoken to Professor Simon Nyeck, who's been the Academic Director for the MBA in International Luxury Brand Management at renowned French business school Essec for the past ten years. He's seen his programme grow from 17 to 45 participants with 80 per cent of students being non-French speakers from across the globe. ...


Experiential learning, entrepreneurship and innovation will shape the MBA of the future

Interview with Scott Beardsley

Scott Beardsley has been leading the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business for three months now. MBA Channel caught up with him to hear about his first impressions, how he wants to shape the business school and what the future of the MBA looks like. ...

News | Leadership + Management

Business school tries to spruce up family businesses

Family-owned businesses often face special challenges. Their team leaders are often related to each other and private issues play into professional ones. One business school offers...

Stanford Graduate Business School
News | MBA Market

Stanford graduates the most satisfied

Graduates from Stanford Graduate School of Business are the happiest after graduation according to a recent Forbes survey. The magazine’s analysis of alumni found that despite...

Picture: NYU Stern
News | Business Schools

NYU Stern expands its Executive MBA programme to Washington

In another show of the strength of executive programmes, New York University Stern School of Business is extending its New York City-based Executive MBA programme (EMBA) to...

Picture: Tippie College of Business
News | Business Schools

End of full-time MBA: Tippie invests in specialised and executive programmes

The University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business is phasing out its full-time MBA programme. The changes to the graduate business education programme will favour the part-time...

Picture: SolisImages / fotolia
News | Female Careers

Columbia Business School: Why female students receive poorer grades

Female MBA students are receiving poorer grades than males in some MBA courses, reports Columbia Business School. New studies showconsistently for several recent student cohorts -...

Picture: Twitter
News | Business Schools

How a Harvard MBA became a significant asset for a tech leader

In a recent blog on the Harvard Business School’s website, alumna Ellen DaSilva explained how a Harvard MBA became an important asset for her despite her industry being extremely...

Picture: Imperial College Business School
News | Business Schools

Why design thinking is an important MBA skill

Design thinking is an important mindset that lends itself to solving complex human problems, writes Dr Ileana Stigliani, an assistant professor of design and innovation at Imperial...

Picture: Stanford
News | MBA Market

Why Standford’s MBAs earn twice as much as others

It’s harder to get into Stanford than Harvard or Wharton-Penn: The school’s admissions rate is just 5.1 per cent, compared with 9.6 per cent for Harvard and 12.7 per cent for...

Picture: zinkevych / fotolia
News | Business Schools

New one-year MBA programme in fashion and tech at NYU Stern

New York University Stern School of Business is launching a new category of specialised MBA, optimised for MBA seekers who are firmly committed to business careers either in...

Picture: Essec Business School
News | Business Schools

Useful: New Mooc explains cultural differences for negotiations

Essec Business School has launched a new Mooc which offers a better understanding how cultural differences are likely to influence business as well as political negotiations. The...

Picture: peshkova / fotolia
News | Business Schools

Twine wins Wharton’s 2017 Startup Challenge

Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship announced the winner of its inaugural Startup Challenge: Twine, founded by Wharton MBA students Joseph Quan and Nikhil Srivastava (both WG’17). The...

Picture: Harvard Business School
News | Business Schools

Harvard Business School’s new executive education programme

Harvard Business School (HBS) will examine HR-executive suite collaboration in a new executive education programme. The leadership development programme will analyse the role of...

Picture: HBS
News | Business Schools

Harvard gives its best-kept secret away

In one of his recent blog posts, Patrick Mullane (MBA 1999), the Executive Director of HBX, Harvard Business School’s digital learning initiative, allows an intimate insight into...

Picture: Sergey Nivens / fotolia
News | Business Schools

Audencia’s creative stream

Audencia, a business school in Nantes, France, helps artists develop entrepreneurial skills, reports the Financial Times. The aim is to create a kind of “artrepreneur” or...

Picture: California's Stanford University
News | Business Schools

Model Tyra Banks will teach Stanford’s MBA class

Tyra Banks will wow Stanford’s MBA class not only with her renowned beauty but also her wealth of business acumen. The former supermodel, who also hosted America’s Next Top...

Picture: / fotolia
News | Leadership + Management

New online degree in development finance

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management launched a new Master programme in September. “Leadership in Development Finance” is an English-language master’s degree course which is...

Picture: Pixabay
News | Business Schools

Grenoble Ecole de Management/GGSB to deliver MBA in Berlin

Grenoble Ecole de Management/GGSB is expanding to Germany. The French business school is partnering with Hannover-based Gisma Business School which is opening a brand new campus in...

Picture: WHU
News | Business Schools

Germany’s WHU: Optimising its MBA programmes

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management is streamlining its MBA degrees which have a strong focus on leadership skills as well as globalisation. The programmes will be tightened...

Picture: contrastwerkstatt / fotolia
News | Nicht auf Startseite

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management: New online course in Islamic Microfinance

The Islamic Relief Academy together with Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management are developing an online certification course in the growing...

Picture: Pixabay
News | Nicht auf Startseite

Opportunities for African managers

The George Washington University is set to venture into Africa with a new programme. The University has partnered with two organisations to develop the so called Capital Markets...


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