Business School

“A hallmark of the IESE experience is the school's dedication to the individual development of each and every student and participant in our programs. We do this by fostering a culture of learning, and by placing the professional and personal development of all students and program participants at the center of our concerns” Jordi Canals, Dean of IESE.

Each year, rankings recognize IESE as one of the top business schools in both Europe and the world. IESE has campuses in Barcelona and Madrid and is home to top-notch faculty who obtained their degrees from the world’s leading institutions and students from more than 55 nationalities. Since 1958, IESE has been providing business education for over 32,000 executives worldwide. IESE offers degree programs leading to an MBA, Executive MBA, Global Executive MBA, and Ph.D. in management. The focus at IESE is on general management in a cross-cultural environment, but all programs are customized to best serve students' individual ambitions, backgrounds, and career paths. IESE faculty are frequently available for consultation outside of class. The school’s size lends itself to frequent interaction among students and staff.

IESE Business School is committed to the education of business leaders and the generation of innovative business ideas. By ensuring an outstanding learning experience for current and future managers, IESE helps create successful, responsible organizations that are able to rise to the challenges of society. IESE believes that business leaders can have a profound impact on people and society through professionalism, integrity, and responsible leadership.