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Recommended work experience for MBA applicants

Practical experience forms an important part of an MBA application. But what kind of work experience pays off best? An expert recommends management training rotations at...

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How to get into a top MBA programme

An outstanding GMAT result, top grades and an impressive CV are not always enough to get students into the top business schools, according to a US News article. MBA admissions...

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When an MBA application is not perfect

Admission consultant Stacy Blackman has some advice on what to do if an employment history is less than perfect. Turn it into your own advantage, is the expert’s advice in one of...
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The five hardest MBA interview questions

MBA consultant Stacy Blackman has many good tricks and tips up her sleeve. In an article for US News, the expert summarised the most difficult questions that MBA applicants should...

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Artificial intelligence tools give MBA students interview feedback

New artificial intelligence (AI) tools help MBA students prepare for job interviews. The feedback tool unites proprietary analytics with expert analysis to give each student...

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MBA applications: Shake up of requirements

MBA applications are getting even more demanding: Apart from essays, an admissions exam like the GMAT or GRE, recommendation letters and interviews, schools are looking for videos...

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Reapplying for business school

Rejection is part of life. Many MBA applicants to top-tier schools get rejected the first time they apply. Admission consultant Stacy Blackman shared valuable tips for students who...

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MBA application: Why extracurriculars matter

Being involved in volunteer work, clubs and our community in general shows the admission team that they don’t only have a capable academic in front of them but a multi-faceted...

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How to dress for an MBA interview

“First impressions count” is a famous saying that certainly contains a lot of truth. In particular it counts for any type of interview as candidates have only a very limited time...

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FT’s overview of MBA admissions’ demands

The Financial Times (FT) has interviewed admissions directors from a broad selection of business schools. These directors share what they look for in students before making their...


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