News| Leadership + Management

Success: It´s the culture, stupid!

“My two cents of CEO wisdom? It’s the culture, stupid!”, writes Jost Stollmann, former CEO of ...

News| Leadership + Management

Picture: Mark Sebba

What makes a great CEO

What makes a great CEO? Too often CEOs are feared by employees, too often they are not approachable ...

News| Industries + Companies

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Career choices: Non-traditional job offers on the rise

Traditionally high percentages of MBA graduates were seeking jobs in consulting, accounting or ...

News| Industries + Companies

The end of the traditional job ad?

One innovative US-company has started a ‘job ad revolution’. They no longer support the standardised ...

News| Career + Application

Picture: Bluemercury

Marla Beck’s advice for newcomers

One of America’s most successful female CEOs, Marla Beck, shared some of her advice in a recent ...

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