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MBA application: Why extracurriculars matter

Being involved in volunteer work, clubs and our community in general shows the admission team that they don’t only have a capable academic in front of them but a multi-faceted...

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How to dress for an MBA interview

“First impressions count” is a famous saying that certainly contains a lot of truth. In particular it counts for any type of interview as candidates have only a very limited time...

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FT’s overview of MBA admissions’ demands

The Financial Times (FT) has interviewed admissions directors from a broad selection of business schools. These directors share what they look for in students before making their...

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How to improve your business school application

In a recent blog article for Fortuna Admissions former Director of Admissions at INSEAD, Caroline Diarte Edwards (photo), has collected the most useful tips how to improve a...

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Which MBA programmes have the most applicants?

U.S. News has published the ten MBA programmes with the largest applicant pools in the US.

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Changes in admissions

Business schools do revise their MBA applications now and then. Two current examples are Wharton, which has added an essay question and Insead, which has launched a new video...

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Interview tips from a leading business school

The University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business has published a very useful video blog with Admissions Dean Sara Neher, who shares some helpful advice on how to conduct an...

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Oxford releases sample interview questions

The University of Oxford has released a sample selection of questions that give students valuable insight into how they should prepare for an interview at the coveted university.

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GMAT: How to master the MBA entrance exam

More than 6,000 international graduate schools rely on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) for narrowing down the list of applicants to their business management degree...

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The path to a successful MBA resume

When applying to business school, many people focus on the essay and preparing for the interview. A skilled resume can make the difference though and there is a method that will...


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